Winter Bass Tips by The Bass College
You guys need to get out there now and catch a few big bass. That is what you will get now, not numbers, but bigger bass like in the Spring.
Get out and throw a flat side crankbait like a Lucky Craft KJ Flat, Norman Flat Broke , etc in all the rocks, laydowns, and docks on turns and points. Mix it up by dragging a Dirty Jigs Football jig across all the flat points and sweep it and slowly reel it, stopping every 1-2 feet, for a few seconds.
You won’t get a lot, but they’ll be good. The water temperatures are still 40-45 degrees in the shallows in the afternoons when its sunny, and after the next few days of bright sun all day and temperatures in the low 50’s, you have no excuse not to catch something decent. Get out of the small ponds now with just grass, as they are the hardest, not the easiest or best bet. Find some areas with rocks and laydowns, shallow, rocky points, etc and work these baits slowly, and I’ll be waiting for the pictures and videos of the giants you’ll be catching.

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