I am sure you have heard about this by now and want to know if this is something I can use in my area and how does it work? What baits work best? When and where can I get it? Stop by THE BASS COLLEGE where we answer all these questions and have 5 different style rigs available with free shipping on most orders and FREE BAITS with each order. Click here for more information on the Alabama Rig<< 


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    Please Note: Baits and jigheads not included.

    The Spindarella is designed not only to win, but to win big! You’ll have all the other anglers coming to your boat at the end of the tournament asking … “What did you catch them on?” Try not to smile too big when you tell them they were beaten by the Spindarella! This bait will change your fishing!

    Designed to simulate a school of bait fish, it allows you to rig up to four baits, and also employs four willow blades for additional flash and fish attraction. Ideal for targeting suspended bass, as well as other gamefish feeding on baitfish, you can rig it with a variety of lures, including soft plastic swimbaits, grubs, jig heads, etc. Simply cast it out, count it down to your desired depth, and get ready. Catching multiple bass with one cast is always on the menu. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or tournament pro, the Spindarella is a must-have lure.

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